(Spanish: Soul)

The power and calming art objects alma by sueandsandy show in a surprising way the hidden world of agate and reveal the inner mystery of each individual gemstone. The light-flooded, seemingly infinite structures mystically tell their millennia-old story, which finds its individual continuation in connection with the viewers.

With alma, sueandsandy have created a unique art object, which is beautiful and fascinating at any time from all perspectives. Our inspiration for alma is the boundless perfection and uniqueness of the agate stones.

We chose alma's round design because it combines harmoniously with the organic shapes of the stones in a natural way.

alma consists of few elements and is made of the best materials. The high quality agate slices, selected by us, are carefully arranged by hand in a precise and loving way to achieve the most beautiful appearance possible. Each alma is unique.

sueandsandy can adapt alma individually to your wishes. Determine the size, the colours or the carrier material.

sueandsandy will be happy to assist you with individual advice.

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